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Area rugs are both pretty and functional items that can completely change the look of a room, but unfortunately they can also be quite delicate. When it comes time to clean them, are you sure that you can do the job without damaging them? There are a multitude of reasons why the rugs in your home deserve a proper cleaning – the kind that only professionals can deliver.

There’s Dirt in Clean Homes, Too

It’s tempting to think that since you generally keep your home clean, there will be no great need for area rug cleaning. After all, taking off your shoes when you walk in, regularly sweeping and mopping once in a while means that you should be mostly dirt-free, right? Unfortunately, dirt has a way of coming in through all manner of means – on your clothes, on your body, in your hair – and then getting stuck in your rug’s fibers. Rugs are excellent dirt traps by design; they’re meant to collect all the dirt in one place so you can easily get rid of it all at once. This means that rug-cleaning is one task even Martha Stewart couldn’t afford to ignore.

Dirty Rugs Can Affect Your Health

Dirt in your home is bad for you in so man ways. It clouds up the air and can carry strong allergens that make it hard for your family to breathe. The musty smell it eventually creates can overwhelm odors from things like developing mold, making it much harder for you to detect these kinds of problems until they’ve become big, complicated headaches. It can even get stuck in your pores and make you break out like a teenager again. Because you people rarely think to consider their rugs as a culprit for these problems, they sometimes deal with all these negative effects for years. Don’t let the people in your home suffer like that – get rid of that dirt as soon as possible.

Clean Rugs Last Longer

Quite aside from how it affects you, you should know that dirt also damages your rug itself. As discussed, it can easily become trapped in the rug’s fibers, and it becomes compacted into larger jagged clumps once it’s there. These abrasive particles work their way through the fibers of your rugs, making them loose, raggedy and discolored. They may even start to fall apart entirely. Since most areas rugs do not come cheap, this can be a significant financial blow. Keep yours in good shape by keeping them free of damaging particles and you’ll get to enjoy it for years to come.

Dirt Damages Everything

Area rug cleaning can even help you minimize damage to your home as a whole. The same particles that cause harm to your rugs also get picked up by your heating and air conditioning systems, getting stuck in the ducts and putting extra stress on the motors. Any humidifiers you regularly run will also suffer the same way. Even your hardwood or laminate floors are not safe from the corroding, scraping effects of the excess dirt that can be partially dislodged from area rugs. Even if they seem minor, the costs of these problems can add up fast, and the hassle of fixing them is nothing to look forward to either. Area rug cleaning is simple and inexpensive by comparison.

When you need a truly thorough area rug cleaning, vacuuming alone is not enough; a full steam cleaning using professional-grade equipment and know-how is much more effective. If you want your home to be the most safe, hygienic, and clean place it can be, consider giving Courtesy Care, in Northwest Arkansas a call today!

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