Do Not Wax Your Wood Floors! | Wood Floor Cleaning with Courtesy Care

There’s nothing like the pure beauty of wood flooring. No matter the kind of wood, the stain applied, or if it is stain and color free, the organic appearance of wood impresses on many levels. As a natural material, proper care and maintenance is necessary. Wood floor cleaning in your home can be done several ways. However, it’s very important to never apply wax to your wood floors. The application of wax is a tedious process and, if not done correctly, can ruin your floors. It can leave a layer of wax that can deteriorate the wood and make it difficult to care for later.

Home Cleaning on Your Own

Some wood cleaning tasks can be performed on your own and will help extend the life of your wood floor:

  • Sweep your floors throughout the week. You should sweep more often if you have pets and children. It’s likely you will have more dirt, sand and other debris that is tracked onto your floors that will scratch them.
  • You should quickly clean up any spilled liquids from your floor right away. Some woods do absorb faster than others based on the porous nature of the material. This helps prevent staining and water spots from appearing on the floor.
  • You can mop the wood floor with specific wood cleaners. Make sure to use wood safe cleaners and not universal surface cleaners.
  • Using runners and rugs can help protect your floors and keep them cleaner in high traffic areas of your home.

Turn to the Pros

Outside of sweeping, vacuuming and mopping, there are other cleaning tasks you need to turn to the professionals for. For deep cleaning, you’ll want the team at Courtesy Care to assist you. Courtesy Care can rid your wood of the dirt and grime that builds up over time. You might not realize there is a layer of dirt on the floor until after it is removed. The company is also able to restore the original look of the wood if there are stains from spilled beverages, pasta sauce, oils or other items.

Wax is not applied by Courtesy Care because it can dull the look of the wood and even trap dust into its place. However, the company does use special UV inhibitors to prevent the bleaching and lighting effects caused by the sun. The entire cleaning is dust free and will always leave you with beautiful looking floors that you will be proud to show off.

At Courtesy Care, you have access to the very best wood floor cleaning services around. We provide additional cleaning services, including dryer vent cleaning, carpet cleaning, upholstery cleaning and grout and tile cleaning. Whether your home needs a solid spring cleaning, or you want to restore your wood floors, now is the perfect time to contact Courtesy Care for professional wood floor cleaning.

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