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During winter, there is an increase in the use of space heaters in both homes and offices. It is important to understand the working of your heater to steer clear of the dangers associated with improper use. It can help reduce the likelihood of fire-related accidents in homes and office buildings. You must be careful when using a space heater if you want to avoid fire & smoke damage restoration expenses.

Space Heaters as a Cause of Fire

Space heaters are not accident proof. The extensive fire & smoke damage a high number of homeowners have to deal with is evidence enough. Even though space heaters come with a shut-off mechanism that comes in handy when they are tipped over, this feature is not efficient enough to prevent fire accidents. However, tipping one over is not the only potential problem you have to face. There are other factors to consider when using a space heater:

  • Children and small pets can be major contributors to space heater malfunctions. A pet or a child may lodge a toy under the safety cover of the heater. This can result in a small fire, which can quickly develop into a serious one. The significant damage done to the home then requires professional fire and smoke damage restoration.
  • Even though space heaters are crucial appliances in most homes, improper placements can be hazardous if there are materials nearby that can be easily damaged. Space heaters produce a lot of heat and can damage materials without them catching fire. Nearby rugs or carpeting can quickly get scorched if placed too close. Those made of synthetic fibers mostly melt without burning. This is also the case with items made of plastic. The melting plastic can drip on other items and ruin them too.

Preventative Measures

Space heaters are designed to provide supplemental heat, and should not be used as a replacement for your main heating system. If you have a space heater installed in your home or office, you should take some time to read the safety guidelines. Here are some safety rules everyone should know:

  • Never leave a space heater unattended while it is in operation
  • Always place it out of the reach of children and pets
  • Make sure that the electric cord does not pose a tripping hazard
  • Never use it near water or in damp spaces
  • If there is a need for an extension cord, always use a heavy duty one
  • When placing the heater, make sure that it is at least three feet away from any materials that could easily catch fire

Fire and Smoke Damage Restoration

Fire & smoke damage restoration services include removal and restoration of the damaged items, clean-up of the affected areas, removal of melted plastic and synthetic materials from hard surfaces, and elimination of smoky odors. These services help restore your home or office to its previous state.


A fire in your home or office can be quite stress-inducing, but fire & smoke damage restoration services can help you move on from such an unfortunate incident. No matter what the cause of the fire, the best thing to do after it has been extinguished is to get in touch with Courtesy Care in Bartlesville, OK. This will help prevent further damage that may be caused by the water used to put out the fire.


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