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Air duct cleaning helps to eliminate or significantly decrease allergies and odors in homes. Getting air ducts professionally cleaned is a great way to start the winter season on a high note.


Do you notice a definite, strange odor in your home as soon as you start up your heating system late fall? This smell is often due to living and dead dust mites in your air ducts and the buildup of their feces. You need a quality air duct cleaning.

If you can smell this odor, you are breathing in all of those dust mites and their waste. Having air ducts cleaned makes your home smell that much better and decreases increased health risks.

The Indoor Season

During the warmer months, your family tends to be outdoors more often. But in the winter time, you spend more time inside your home. When your ducts are dirty, you have to breathe in these dirty air molecules because you cannot escape it.

You can have your air duct cleaning done during the fall when you are just starting to spend more time in your home.  The cleaning of air ducts provides to you and your family a healthier and more pleasant atmosphere inside the house.

Cleaning Air Ducts Early

Are you one of many who tends to think of spring as the time of year when things get cleaned? Spring cleaning happenes because people are indoors during the winter and accumulate more dirt during that time.

There are a lot of pollen, dust, and other allergens that accumulate in air ducts during the summer. When you turn on your air conditioning, these allergens get picked up and put into your duct system, where they stay until the blower goes back on in the winter.

You can cut down on winter illnesses by breathing in clean air during the winter, and you do this by having the air duct cleaning done sooner instead of later.

The Health of Your Family

A significant part of you and your family’s health ties into the air you breathe. When your home’s atmosphere is full of dust mites, pollen, and other nasty hazards, you are at a higher risk of getting respiratory-related illnesses.

If anyone in your household has asthma, the risk of a painful attack rises as the quality of the air diminishes. Having your air ducts cleaned in the fall means you do not have to worry as much about these problems arising. Cleaner air lets your family stay healthier during the cold and flu season.

Home Maintenance

You and your family’s health is the most critical concern to address. Your home’s maintenance depends on having clean air ducts. When your ducts are dirty, your heating system has to work harder to push air through constricted ducts.

Constricted air ducts put your heating system at risk to fail more frequently. Imagine waking up to a very chilly surprise when you least expect a failed heating system in the dead of winter and can be an expensive repair.

In Conclusion

Call this seasoned cleaning and restoration service and make sure your air ducts are cleaned right the first time. Our background checked professionals receive in-depth technician training, offer quick response times, and work with individual homeowners. Courtesy Care located in Northwest Arkansas justifies all charges with a work guarantee resolving your air issues.

Call 918-333-3993, a quality air duct cleaning company. You and your family will breathe comfortably this winter and stay healthier. Protect your home, your largest investment through the maintenance of cleaning your system’s air ducts.

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