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If you’ve experienced a fire disaster in your home, a quick solution to fire and smoke damage is to get professionals on the scene as quickly as possible. Damage caused by fire, smoke, and water can set in and be permanent within a very short amount of time.  A professional will complete an assessment and get to work to save your home, personal items, and air quality.

Combat Fire & Smoke Damage

The best way to mitigate the damage is to get the damage assessed and have a team get to work on the problem areas as soon as possible.  Hiring a company with emergency services will help you get the work done faster.  Typically, a company will come and do an assessment and patch anything that can cause further damage, such as a broken door to the outside, or a roof that has a hole in it.  This will allow the damage to stop and the work to begin.

Repair and Restoration

You may find all of the damage overwhelming, including the amount of water damage from putting out the fire.  Although this is an emotional time for most people, having a professional company salvage and fix the damage provides closure for many people.  A company that offers Fire & Smoke damage services will care for your home and personal belongings by using specific techniques, such as thermal fogging, to get rid of the smoke smell.  They will also be able to get the smoke and soot out of your furniture and other belongings after they’ve taken care of the water damage in your home.  They may take your furniture and rugs to work on them off location, while your carpets are being cleaned or replaced if needed.

Once the repairs are done, restoration may include:

  • roof
  • ceiling
  • floors
  • doors/doorways
  • sheetrock
  • framing
  • new carpets or flooring

Air Quality

The smell of smoke can linger for a long time.  A good company will monitor and change air filters or service your vents until the smoke and soot are removed.  This allows for you and your family to go on with life without the constant reminder of the tragic event because the smell is still lingering.

If you need a fire & smoke damage assessment, be sure to find someone who can help 24 hours a day.  Professionals will be onsite to get you and your family home again, while you work on taking care of other important things at this hard time.

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