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After a fire, a flood or even a long time without a deep cleaning, it can be difficult to get carpet cleaning done properly. Too often, it feels as if the company you hire is working for the insurance company instead of for you. The company may also be handling your carpet cleaning in the detached way you would expect of someone who just wants a paycheck, instead of a company that wants to stand behind their work. There are some aspects of the right company that you can look for.

Background Checked Technicians

Anytime you have someone in your home, whether for carpet cleaning and ductwork or for any type of restoration, this person is a stranger. While most people are basically good, there are predatory people who will use a legitimate reason to be in your home to check out any valuables you may have. This turns a single problem into a second problem of wondering who you can trust. Fortunately, legitimate companies like Courtesy Care conduct background checks on every technician hired. This gives you peace of mind, knowing that the person coming into your home is only there to do the work you need.

Work Guarantee

Anyone can come in and pretend they are going to do the job properly. Your carpet cleaning needs to be handled properly, and if something goes wrong there needs to be a warranty on the work performed. Working with a company like Courtesy Care, you never have to wonder if there is a warranty, because good companies stand by their work. When you can trust that the company you choose is going to do the work properly the first time and make sure it is done right, life gets that much easier.

Quick Response Time

Whether your ducts are spitting out dirt and potentially making your family feel bad or you need carpet cleaning, you do not want to wait around endlessly for help to arrive. In fact, the faster the response time the better off you will be. Good companies show that they care about your business in many ways. One is by showing up when they say they will. Another mark of a great company is having friendly operators who will explain the process to you as best they can over the phone. Further, a quick response time means giving you a reasonable window for their arrival.

Working for You

If you need duct cleaning or carpet cleaning because of an event that insurance may cover, it can feel like most companies just want to work with the insurance company. This becomes a “least they can do” job because they just want to get paid quickly. While insurance can come into play, good companies that handle deep cleaning properly know that you are the customer. This means that when you hire Courtesy Care, you can trust that they will do their best to make your cleaning operation as comfortable and professional as possible.

Addressing Non-emergency Causes of Carpet Dirt

Many people would never think that there is a relationship between dirty ducts and a dirty carpet. However, the dirt that accumulates in your ducts can contribute to dirt that gathers in your carpet because the air itself is dirtier. Much like with smoke, dirt in the air all but soaks into the carpet over time. It may not be noticeable at first, but over time this dirt can become a disgusting and uncomfortable health hazard. Getting your ducts cleaning by Courtesy Care makes your home safer, healthier and that much more comfortable to live in.

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