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Enjoying a Fireplace This Holiday Season? | Courtesy Care

When you are cozying up in the living room this winter, and huddling-up in front of a crackling fireplace, the thought of fire/smoke damage may be the furthest thing from your mind. Just because you are not thinking about it doesn’t mean it can’t happen. In fact, fire/smoke damage is one of the most common complaints people have about their fireplaces during the summer months. So whether this is your first year with a fireplace or you have had one for years, there are some things that you should do to protect your home and keep that fire burning!

Terms: Since fire/smoke damage is such a common occurrence there is plenty of information available on the subject. If you have a wood burner, you may have tell-tale soot and smoke marks on the side of your wall right now! These stains that surround the fire are one of the most common problems for homeowners. If you are renting, you may be responsible for the cleanup and maintenance of this area. If this is the case, it is possible to miss out on a refund of your security deposit if you leave a trail of soot in your fireplace. It’s vital that you make sure you know how to clean this area up!

Extent: There are several liquid cleaners, pre-soaked sponges, and even spray on canisters, which can help you get rid of some of the damage that has been done. However, if it is severe, it is a wise move to call in on some professional help!

Solutions: You don’t need to worry about having all the answers when you are puzzling over what to do about fire/smoke damage; you need to know the right team to call. Some of the best cleanups in northeast Oklahoma come from Courtesy Care. The company has unlimited resources at its disposal to make your fire/smoke damage disappear as if it never happened. One of Courtesy Care’s team of experts can call around, give you a pocket-friendly estimate and agree a convenient time to get the work done. Courtesy Care offers a service that is stress-free, with no hidden extras that is second to none in your area.

Whether you are renting or a homeowner, do yourself and your fireplace a favor and call on the team at Courtesy Care today! You will be glad you contacted a company that northeast Oklahoma has been relying on for years!

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